Julie Behar, 20 | Speech Pathology major, specializing in Deaf Studies at Boston University | Social Issue: The Deaf Community

Julie began with a special interest in the disability community, and found her passion more specifically in assisting the deaf. "Many think they fall into the same community, but lots of Deaf people believe they don’t. The Deaf want to be considered a cultural minority. They have a culture and a REAL language (not just English with your hands). However, because over 90% of Deaf children are born to hearing parents who have likely never met a Deaf person (other than their child) this world has tons of children suffering through language deprivation." Julie is now employed at a research lab where we work towards stopping language deprivation and ensuring all children have access to language from birth. "So how can you get involved? GET EDUCATED: Do research, ask questions, maybe even learn the alphabet in ASL, and advocate equal access. Change isn't hearing, or deaf, not just mine or yours, its all of ours."