Our Partners


Our partners are an essential part of who we are and how we collaborate with our community! For 2018, we've teamed up with 4 unique organizations that focus on multiple areas of the social spectrum.

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Backroom Sessions - Miami, FL

"Backroom Sessions is a platform designed and driven by locals showcasing Visual & Performing Talent. We cater to all genres and mediums with efforts to promote artists in their neighborhoods while expanding the parameters of where locals find their fix for the arts. Backroom Sessions offers an intimate experience in which the focus is on each artist while allowing the audience to network effortlessly, promoting collaborations among youth."


"My mission in life is to inspire you to see the world as your gym! In doing so, I want to change your perspective on the word "grind." It is more than a daily hustle, it is the foundation of a lifestyle that celebrates the creatives, the fire-lighters and the doers that do no matter what it takes! Is it hard work? Hell yeah! Do you have to live it consistently? Hell yeah you do. But this grind is your life and your life is amazing. It's all about HOW you grind."

love hope - mIAMI, fl

"Our mission is to create a bridge between the love of fashion and self-expression, and the hope of social consciousness. Keeping our mother's memory close to our hearts, we emulated her beautiful soul and  style by combining fashion with philanthropy. Our four causes are represented by four unique colors, and we'll dedictae 10% of the proceeds to local charities that use over 75% of funding towards programs and services it delivers." 

pODEROSA IS HER POWER - Pembroke Pines, FL

Poderosa is Her Power is a 501.c.3 non-for-profit corporation founded in 2017 to support survivors of gender-based violence and empower local communities to break the cycles of abuse.... We believe women and survivors are at the center of generational change. Our launching programs in Medellin and Miami are tailored to be survivor-centered, community-driven, evidence-based and technology-oriented.