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Our internships are designed to implement discipline, leadership, and time management. By completing a three month or six month internship program with Change Is Ours students will be able to practice their knowledge and business skill sets. We offer 6 positions: 3 in the Development Department, and 3 in the Creative Department. 


2018 Interns

Rachel Villalta

Jasmine Arroyo

Daniela Sampayo

Lauren Deon

Catherine Meadors




The value of time is immesurable. Be part of our volunteer squad by donating your time to assisting our team, whether it's for specific events, or partaking in our monthly focus projects, our mission is to inspire world-changers!



Manuel Villalaz

Kevin Lopez

Laura Munoz

Leitia Goley





Nicole Falco

Ariana Teran

Ali Larosa

Rudy Flores


Matt Matia

Michael Matia

Jacob Chisholm

Angelina Rivero


Javier Sanchez

Jessie Behar

Megan Lopez

Sulany Perez


Chonnalin Sumunthee

Michael Chisholm

Matt Mattia

Jose Gonzalez


Become a Beneficiary

A Beneficiary is someone who benefits from the overall success of an event. We strive to raise money for locals in need, non profit organizations, school programs, etc. For 2018 we are narrowing down our applicants based on monthly projects. To sign up to become a beneficiary, click the link below!


Previous Beneficiaries

Chapman Partnership

Refuge for Women

Kevin Garcia Foundation

Centro Mater West

Kingsway Education

Krista-Marie Touch of Love Charity

Love Hope


Teach a Workshop

Be A Workshop Leader - Our Workshop Leaders make us who we are! If there's one thing we've learned from our entrepreneurial friends, it's that there's grit behind every grind, and there's a team behind every successful organization. Our mission is to serve as a platform to educate community through its own members, about anything from social issues to creative development, to learning how to grow your own food. Our goal is to learn together and grow together as a community so that we can expand beyond the places we've only dreamed of. Help us learn, help us grow, and let's change the world together, one grit and grind at a time.


Workshops in the Making

Business Management 

Muscle Understanding

Food & Nutrition

Finding Your Poderosa

Family Communication

Business Goal Setting

Wellness Workshop

Contract Management

Plant 101           


Stock Trading


Intro to Wine

Holistic Health

Entreprenurial Goals

Vision Board Party