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Javier Sanchez, 25 | CPA - Senior Auditor | Social Issue: Discrimination and Racism

CPA and Senior Auditor, Javi Sanchez, is an assistant coach for the Tampa Bay United Soccer Club, ages 12 to 13. Is there anything cuter than that?! Through his coaching, he demonstrates acceptance and fairness to his team. "I believe the best way to solve this issue (discrimination and racism) is to start with the new generation. The millennial generation has shown a dramatic improvement in reducing the relevance of this topic. However, we have a long way to go. I believe it is the responsibility of millennials like us to nurture the younger generations into developing a different way of thinking." Javi believes the one thing missing in attempting to get our peers involved is, "Awareness!... As role models and leaders in our social circles, workplace, or hobbies we may have, I believe us leaders, that really do believe “Change is Ours”, need to make the extra effort to get the ball rolling."