wait, what do you do again?

Glad you asked. We are a community building non profit organization dedicated to inspiring individuals to create and support growth within their communities by finding the leader within. We do this through four main project areas: volunteer opportunities, community workshops, internship programs and fundraiser events. Every month, we focus on different social issues relevant to communities everywhere.

how can i get involved?

What a loaded question. There are tons of opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved. You can teach a workshop, become a beneficiary, intern with our team, help with creative projects, collaborate on a fundraising event, sign up for volunteer opportunities, attend a meeting or workshop, offer a space to hold events, or even share our mission with a friend. Honestly, no part is too small.

where does my donation go?

Great question. Your donations flow into SO many avenues of our organization and for that we are eternally grateful. Donations go towards community workshops, volunteer opportunities, interest meetings, production for fundraisers, supplying food for families, internship programming, third party non profit beneficiaries, and high school leadership workshops!


so, your themes change every month?

It sure does. Every year we choose 12 themes to celebrate throughout the year - 1 theme per month to be specific. The themes we choose revolve around the social issues prevalent to our local communities, and communities around the world. There is no limit to the social issues our organization can cover, and we will continue to learn and educate our fellow world changers.

how can i teach a workshop?

We love this question most! You can teach a workshop by signing up and giving a brief description of what you would like to share with your community. A few things to consider when signing up: What is the main message of my workshop? What can I do differently to make a true impact on guests? Will I continue to practice the message I am sending through my workshop? and What is my next action item?

what are your leadership workshops?

Our high school leadership workshops are focused on providing new themes for students to consider when finding what suits them best for their future. In choosing these themes, much depends on the schools and students we are considering for each workshop initiative. We aim to create an ever-changing environment of workshops to suit the needs of as many students possible.