Development Department

Melody Duarte, The Executive Development Director will be leading this team in specifics for conducting research, how to develop ideas that will create change in those areas, and how to get the community involved in your findings. Below are the 3 roles within the development team that will work alongside Melody:


Development Coordinator

Our Development Coordinator will be doing just that - developing! This person will be constructing ideas, research and content for the social issues that influence our communities. During this six month internship, you will be given the opportunity to research environmental issues, education, health and wellness, homelessness, and family importance. This person needs to excel at writing, reading, investigative research, and leadership. 


Volunteer Coordinator

Our volunteer coordinator is someone who loves engaging peers. This person will be the leader in organizing volunteer projects for the community, recruiting volunteers, stockpiling volunteer information, and be the direct point of contact between volunteers, our collaborating partners, and the Change Is Ours team. 


Operations Coordinator

Our Operations Coordinator will be running all the operational aspects of Change Is Ours. This includes contract management, partnership agreements, collaboration agreements, budget development and projection analysis.