Creative Department

Natalie Lange, Executive Creative Director, will be leading the creative team in building impactful content, paving networking paths by creating a large database of creative resources, and analyzing our creative efforts to find our strengths in reaching community. Below are the 3 roles within the development team that will work alongside Natalie:


Content Curator

Our team uses our social media platforms as our primary source of engagement with our audiences. Since these platforms are heavily utilized, our coordinator will be brainstorming and developing content for the next six months based on our monthly topics. Our content coordinator is to be open with ideas, creative with development, express interest in new tactics for content engagement, and see that our content reads innovatively and flows in a timely manner.


Public Relations Specialist

Our team's Public Relations Specialist will be  the voice of Change Is Ours to local creatives, future investors, other non profits, and anyone interested in  learning more about our organization! Our PR specialist is a special role that maintains relationships and influence our audience with positive messages and positive reinforcement by attending events, socializing where needed, distributing information to local magazines, organizations, businesses and strategically placing material where needed. How can we spread change to communities and youth who represent our future?


Multimedia Specialist

Our Multimedia Specialist will be creating content for our rotating monthly projects. Some of our projects include filming and interviews, producing content for social media platforms, photoshoots, documenting events and editing recap content. Our MS will work with various medias: photography, editing softwares, videography and design. This position is essential to our development as a community building platform, as visuals are the very first thing our current and future audiences connect with!