Back Story

While credit is due all around, Change Is Ours, Inc. is currently being managed by two motivating forces: An Executive Development Director, and an Executive Creative Director. These two positions oversee all the wheels that make the organization turn. If you would like to join our team of world-changers send us your resume, and sign up for one of our internship opporunities! We would love to plug you in to your perfect fit. 


Changing communities 

Meeting amazing people 

Partnering with other community organizations 

A team of endless resources 



Executive Development Director


Executive Creative Director



Melody Duarte - Executive Development Director. Her passion for the community began with a deep desire to reform the education system within the United States. She studied political science at Florida State University (GO NOLES) with a minor in education. Now her main occupation is dreaming BIG and helping others do the same to create a strong and united community. Check out her blog #Mondayswithmel on instagram, facebook and tumblr to learn more about what she does on a daily basis with Change Is Ours, Inc.  



Natalie Lange - Executive Creative Director. Growing up with creativity and individuality being encouraged, she evolved into a visual artist. Her skill led her to studying Studio Art, with a concentratiom in painting, at Florida Atlantic University. The developement of her conceptual visual art was the base to her passion for social advocacy ranging anywhere from homelessness to education. Change Is Ours, Inc. has become a hub for transforming conscious creative concepts into living, energy-filled avenues for social change in our communities. Follow her on Instagram to watch her personal art intertwine with her passion for change.