Going Out With A Bang - Sayonara 2018!

L E T ‘ S T A L K 2 0 1 8…

While 2018 was our most successful year so far, we can only imagine the great heights Change Is Ours will climb, right up the ladder for an enormous breakthrough in our community. As if we didn’t already have a massive amount of support, our group is becoming larger and our bonds much stronger. The thumbnail photo of this piece is an exact depiction of what this year consisted of. It truly was about sticking to our word, our plan, and our commitments, and we’re so much better because of it. We’ve now found what structure works best and in 2019 we’ll be upping the ante for every single event, fundraiser, workshop, discussion panel, and meeting! Thank you to everyone who made our 2018 more than we imagined it from the start.

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