Angelina Rivero, 24 | Director of @backroomsessionsmia & Programming Coordinator for NBC Universo | Social Issue: Equality between men and women

Through Backroom Sessions, Angelina and her team aim to activate the community in our own neighborhood by bringing people together to enjoy some of Miami's hidden treasures. In this diverse city, their mission is to raise awareness of Miami's talent, craftsmen, and the small businesses that have been in our backyards for decades. 

Angie is one of the many female entrepreneurs that inspire our team to push towards social change, and she does this by promoting equality between men and women. She says, "Coming from a city where almost everyone is of Hispanic descent, we are constantly reminded that "machismo" is very real and sexism is concept that is passed on through our very own culture. We need to eradicate the idea that there is any difference between men and women, aside from a couple of body parts. We can begin by educating the community on this social issue, creating a culture of empowering women, and by teaching parents that it's okay to raise your sons and daughters the same way. To think that women are still fighting to close the wage gap in this day and age, just isn't right. At both of my jobs, I work with two different teams of incredible women with executive leadership skills. And we run it fearlessly." That's #girlpower.