Inspiring individuals to create change within their communities. 



Join our team - our internship opportunities await you! If there's one thing we've learned from our entrepreneurial friends, it's that there's grit behind every grind, and there's a team behind every successful organization. Our goal is to learn together and grow together as a community so that we can expand beyond the places we've only dreamed of. Help us learn, help us grow, and let's change the world together, one grit and grind at a time.



Using skill sets in an act of service for our communities.

What we do is who we are. As individuals and as a team, our mission is to promote growth within our communities, and inspire others to create a revolutionary wave in their own.

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Help us shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Stand for tomorrow's leaders. Our team advocates for educating the youth in more ways than the current education system. Education is not state determined, it's a state-of-mind.


Community members dedicated to change

The Sticker Project

Who are YOU? The Sticker Project was created as a platform for our community members to share their story. Whether you're an entrepreneur, creative, advocate or influencer, we want to know you!

How does it work? Purchase a sticker. Take a picture. Get Featured. It's total cake.

The best part? The Sticker Project isn't confined to South Florida - it's just it's origin. Our mission for this ongoing project is to reach communities across the nation, and eventually over seas. 

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