Inspiring individuals to create change within their communities. 


July's Notable Community Member



Using skill sets in an act of service for our communities.

What we do is who we are. As individuals and as a team, our mission is to promote growth within our communities, and inspire others to create a revolutionary wave in their own.


Help us shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Stand for tomorrow's leaders. Our team advocates for educating the youth in more ways than the current education system. Education is not state determined, it's a state-of-mind.


Community members dedicated to change

The Sticker Project

Who are YOU? The Sticker Project was created as a platform for our community members to share their story. Whether you're an entrepreneur, creative, advocate or influencer, we want to know you!

How does it work? Purchase a sticker. Take a picture. Get Featured. It's total cake.

The best part? The Sticker Project isn't confined to South Florida - it's just it's origin. Our mission for this ongoing project is to reach communities across the nation, and eventually over seas. 

Check out the kick-ass features below!